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Justin Bieber and his wife have only one warm winter jacket


Justin and Hailey Bieber, a newlywed couple that has been occupying front pages of most of newspapers and sites for some time now with their editorial advice to married couples on how to cherish and preserve the true love during gloomy marital days, has made yet another simple but powerful statement. The couple agreed to buy and wear only one warm jacket for this season, a plain blue Balenciaga jacket, using coupons. The practical sides of the move are obvious – restraining on buying unnecessary things can save you from fighting about a tight home budget with your spouse. But wearing only one item by turns, even on very cold temperatures, can also improve your health – the effect is just the same as going to sauna and then jumping into snow. And the warmth you feel comes internally, and rises from the fact that the love is reciprocated - you're willing to sacrifice for the sake of your lover, as long as he's ready to do the same.

The famous Bieber family advisers also emphasized the importance of being modest – the ground on which their solid Christian marriage is built upon. For that, and many reasons more, they will continue to wear this same old jacket for years to come.

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