Friday, 10 April 2020

Kanye West met with Russian Lotta Volkova to discuss important questions


In the previous year, the shaky American-Russian relations got even worse, and so far the efforts to reestablish the pre-Cold War friendship haven't been successful. The meeting of the American president Trump and his Russian colleague Putin didn't really work out because of the height difference and bad translation, but now there are new negotiators on the horizon of the world politics. These two could easily switch the course of the dialogue and bring it to an upgraded level, at least considering the clothing department. Mr Kanye West, an artist and entrepreneur representing the American side, and Mrs Lotta Volkova, a colourful mastermind behind Russian apparel invasion, went on a morning coffee meeting, in order to privately discuss the most important issues of the complicated international dealings. The pair sported vivid outfits so the real purpose of the meeting could pass as unnoticed, but their informal look didn't fool the always wake eyes of media.

The wide range of topics discussed at the Starbucks café included the questions of Syrian blue fabric dye, the Venezuelan mascara charcoal, the death of Karl Lagerfeld and its impact on the German auto industry in the United States, and many more. 

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