Kendal Jenner just got bangs


The scrupulous world of Instagram was a bit shocked last nigh. The well-known model Kendal Jenner, the member of the famous Kardashian clan, posted a selfie with more than flattering new look that will surely seed a whole army of philosophy lovers and spread all over the world faster than N1H1.

The brave new look was designed so that Kendal's almond-coloured eyes could be even more visible on her round, but not too round face, and also eliminates the need of heavy foundation and other make-up on the forehead area during the breakout days.

Moreover, this new hairdo restores something of an old French movies vibe, in which girls often question themselves about the meaning of existence and read books on philosophy. This makes us consider life circles in a more deep and thoughtful way, for instance, the days previous to the fringe-days, and the days after the fringing are still the same portion of days in yet another string of Instagram posts, and so on. And that's one thing that the waist length just can't do anymore. It's a continuous flat line for those. Not to mention extensions, or even long curls – they only extol infinite boredom and self-sufficiency.

The importance of this courageous move is that not only it breathes fresh air into the gloominess of winter hair, but it also gives a sense of purpose to many people who seem to forget what's the fringe life really like, and how it can improve their daily routine.

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