Kendra Wilkinson Celebrates Her Stretch Marks With Instagram Photo On Mother's Day

Kendra Wilkinson celebrated Mother's Day by getting personal. 

The mother of Hank and Alija shared a photo of her stretch marks on Sunday, captioning it "Look what my 2 babies did ... They made me happy."

Many commenters on Wilkinson's page praised the former Playmate for being open and honest and thanked her for sharing such a candid photo. 

The 30-year-old, who is married to former NFL player Hank Baskett, shared another photo that resonated with her followers from the time she had mastitis, an infection of the breast tissue commonly associated with breastfeeding. 

Captioned "Happy mastitis day. Ooops I meant Mother's Day!!," the photo shows Wilkinson sitting in bed the week after her daughter was born. 

Wilkinson then went on to post two pictures of her with her adorable kids, describing the unique bond that she has with each of them. 

"With Lil Hank I was soooo attached to him," wrote Wilkinson. "I didn't want anyone near him. He was all mine. To the point of being crazy and territorial. I still feel that way now." 

The star of "Kendra on Top" added, "We have this mother/son bond that's so strong. I can't go one night without praying and cuddling with him. I am cherishing every moment with him."

Next up was a photo of Wilkinson and her daughter, who she calls her "mini me." 

"With Alijah, we are homies ... " wrote the mom of two. "I kinda let her do her thang. She is who she is already pretty much." 

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