Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Kid Jumps Into A Bass Pro Shops’ Fish Tank, And It Was A Really Bad Idea

Kid Jumps Into A Bass Pro Shops’ Fish Tank, And It Was A Really Bad Idea

One reckless kid jumped into one of Bass Pro Shops' fish tanks. He will regret that decision for his entire life. See here why!

If you’ve ever been to any Bass Pro Shop, you know how these places are cool. You feel like you have stepped outdoors when you enter any Bass Pro Shop. Every Bass Pro Shop is uniquely decorated but one thing that stands out in every Bass Pro Shop is the giant aquarium.

Every Brass Pro Shop has a giant aquarium containing a huge number of live fish.


Bass Pro Shops are also famous for one more thing besides their aquariums – teens jumping into their aquariums.


One such incident involving a teen jumping into Bass Pro Shop’s aquarium happened just recently in Colorado. A teen boy from Denver jumped into Bass Pro Shop’s aquarium in Northfield Stapleton shopping center.


The teen’s name is unknown to the public. The police didn’t release his name yet. However, it is known that he didn’t carry out his plan well.


He will forever regret the day he jumped into that fish tank. Why? Well, it seems that he injured his skull along the way.

The Comeback

Bass Pro Shop officials have released this statement following the incident at their shop in Colorado: “A teenage minor attempted to enter our aquarium as part of an intended prank. Our associates and security team quickly addressed the issue safely and without incident.

We also appreciate the assistance of local law enforcement. Such occurrences are extremely rare and highly discouraged. We host more than 120 million visitors every year and provide a safe, fun experience for families who share our respect for wildlife.”


The teenage boy who did this reckless prank could be charged with his prank.


People who have witnessed to this unusual prank only have negative comments for boy’s behavior.


We are also against jumping into Bass Pro Shop’s fish tanks. Not only that you can hurt yourself by doing that but you can also hurt the fish that live inside. And you could also end up being prosecuted for doing such a thing so don’t even think of jumping into fish tanks unless they are yours!

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