Monday, 06 April 2020

Kids on Trains, Usually as Welcome as a Fart in a Crowded Lift

Kids on Trains, Usually as Welcome as a Fart in a Crowded Lift

Some heart warming news this morning about a woman travelling with a child on a train. Yes, I know, the sight of a child approaching our seat either on a train or plane is usually one to strike terror into our hearts. The peaceful journey we had anticipated is doomed to seat kicking torture and that high pitched squeal/scream that children seem to reserve for times when our eardrums have no escape.

The parents of the child/children, obviously suffering some sort of permanent hearing loss due to living with their Richter scale busting offspring, always seem quite oblivious to the plague of noise and of sticky fingers and unwelcome intrusions into personal space being visited on their fellow travellers. But on this occasion, despite the journey being 3 hours long the little lad, who was also three apparently kept himself amused and quiet and firmly in the ‘seen but not heard’ category so beloved of grown ups in years gone by.


A fellow traveller, clearly completely astonished by his good fortune at being in a carriage with the only child travelling on the rail network who was not as unwelcome as a fart in a crowded lift left a note and a fiver for the youngsters mother. In it he said that the child was a credit to her and that she should buy herself a drink for teaching the little chap good manners and consideration for others.

Meanwhile in Winchester there has been an earthquake that registered a 2.9 magnitude and broke car windows and generally rattled people there. Not sure what caused it, maybe it was people falling over in shock as good manners and consideration swept the rail network there. Catch up tomorrow!

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