Monday, 24 February 2020

Kris Jenner wants to marry off Khloe to local clerk


Following the latest scandal in the Kardashian family unit, when Khloes' nonmarital cohabitant and a father of her only child,a fellow named Tristan, cheated on Khloe with her sister's best friend, the head of the Kardashian clan, mom Kris, is now desperate to marry off Khloe.

The house of Kardashian insider sources claim that Kris Janner is eager to find a proper husband for Khloe, and that she's doing everything she can to finally see Khloe with someone who's decent enough and who can provide for his family. Khloe's latest partner Tristan was more into playing video games and buzzing around the block, leaving poor Khloe dealing with their modest household and their infant child, and neglecting her family ties. Moreover, her appearance was also suffering, and she was getting all worn out and pale. She even got greys. Kris has taken Khloe back home now, but she also feels pressure for having yet another divorced daughter on her back, and with so many grandchildren around, she can't afford to support all of them with her modest pension. She's even convincing Khloe to take some extra exams at public school and get a job.

Kris reportedly has even contacted a well-established Hollywood psychic matchmaker, in order to find a good opportunity for Khloe. She's thinking of a FedEx courier, or an office administrator, even an insurance agent that has a stable background, a regular income, and a two-bedroom house with 3-square feet backyard, that could be used for barbecue during children's birthday parties.

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