Saturday, 24 August 2019

Large Male Member spotted in Wales -

Large Male Member spotted in Wales  -

Consternation in Wales as the image of a large male member has appeared on a mountainside becoming an instant tourist attraction. Recent snowfall has seen the phallic symbol become visible for miles around in the countryside of North Wales. Locals are baffled although it is attracting visitors who are clearly enjoying the childish prank. One clue might be that tractors are often used to cut tracks out of the bracken to help wildlife in this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

These create a patchwork effect on the hills, which are often mused over by the walkers who are on the 177-mile Offa’s Dyke footpath that runs from Prestatyn to the Severn Estuary each year. In other news of large things being broadcast abroad, scientists are planning to beam the whole contents of Wikipedia to outer space to let Aliens know we are here, if they have not already spotted the huge Welsh member.

Professor Stephen Hawking is among many who have warned that although intelligent aliens probably do exist we should really be giving them the swerve saying that If aliens do visit us, the outcome would be likely to be similar to the outcome for the native Americans when Columbus landed there, not a great result. He added that although there could be many civilisations out there listening if no one is broadcasting then nothing will happen. And if they tune in to the live broadcast from parliament that should be more than enough to put them off!

Maybe some of our little ones unintentional funnies will keep them guessing? Do remember to catch up with Catch Up News 

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