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Latest Irish Chick Flick Kills at the Box Office.

Latest Irish Chick Flick Kills at the Box Office.

New Irish Chick Flick, ‘Huns Gone Wild’ has been selling out all over Ireland. Objectively some would argue that this was due to confusion as some cinemas advertised it as simply ‘Wild’ and the thousands of complaints about the absence of Reese Witherspoon would add to that suspicion. It is being billed as a classic laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with a disturbing twist.

Set within the walls of Dublin University, the movie opens with the three central huns Mary, Claire and Siobhan striding across the cobblestoned pavement of the college. Each of the girlos is larger than life: Mary is Vice Prez of the Philosophical Society, Claire is captain of the Lacrosse team and Mary steals cats, skins them and wears the product. This light-hearted film is full of flings, frolicks and fatalities.

   At the launch of ‘Huns Gone Wild’, film Writer and Director, Bram O’ Stoicir, travelled from his native Meath to discuss his artistic reasoning behind his magnum opus,

“I have always tried to survive chick flicks,’ he droned at the midnight premiere, “but always felt there was something missing.” He paused briefly and stared into space before a slow drip of blood started to drizzle from his long, hooked nose. “ I believe that the new evil twist will act as a deliciously original and necessary ingredient to make the chick flick roast that little bit more edible.” At this point he began to laugh hysterically for no apparent reason and to stifle the stream of blood from his nose using his snake split tongue. The assorted audience shuffled awkwardly to the bar before making their way into the theatre.

Reviews have been unanimously ambiguous and some even seem to be positive. The Irish Times recently rated it four stars, stating,

“This has everything you could possibly want for a slightly uncomfortable night in.”

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