Monday, 24 February 2020

Latest episodes of KUWTK reveal that Tristan cheated Khloe with her sister's godmother's uncle's second cousin's best friend


​The general public was flabbergasted when latest episodes of famous Keeping up with the Kardashians show revealed the ugly truth about Khloe's baby daddy Tristan. Reportedly, Tristan, a well-known spice merchant and a member of a local streetball group, who has already cheated Khloe on several occasions, most frequently when they were playing Old Maids, was now seen with another woman. The pair went on with exchanging kisses and all things nice, and it was later revealed that the girl in question was actually Khloe's sister's godmother's uncle's second cousin's best friend. Even worse, the girl was once also Khloe's brother's girlfriend's father's second wife's son's baby mama.
The rest of the family couldn't believe it either, so they rushed to be by Khloe's side in this terrible moment, and somehow console her. Khloe issued no public statement about the event, though it is thought that Tristan will bear severe consequences for his misdeed. The head of the Kardashian clan, the honourable Kris Jenner, however, restricted Tristan access to all Kardashian properties, including their non-existent TV property from the show.
This has upset Tristan to such an extent that he returned to his town of birth, and will take a break from future filming of the show. He will be staying at his mama's granny's sister's father's aunt's twice removed niece's house. He also posted a cryptic message on Instagram, stating that it was all due to the love potion he unwillingly drank that night.

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