Monday, 06 April 2020

Let them drink Champers!

Let them drink Champers!

You have to love our Tories. They really don’t get it do they? One or two are clearly living in cloud cuckoo land where even the cuckoos have a firmer grasp on reality than they do. So what have they been up to this time? I don’t know if I dare tell you but, well, here goes - brace yourselves.

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has apparently said that his buddies in the Lords should be able to drink the highest quality champagne to make sure that they have 'some privilege of peerage.' - of course they should! Now let me tell you something about this gentleman. Jacob Rees-Mogg is said to be the poshest (and the most deluded) man in politics. He is the MP for North East Somerset, which includes Bath (so maybe no surprise there) and once went campaigning for election in Fife, in a Merc - with his nanny! His comments came as the worry that they might have to drink inferior champagne, was keeping the Lords awake on their benches.

Proving that anything we can do they can do better billionaire Jeff Greene who made a fortune in the USA mucking about with that sub-prime whatsit recently opened his mouth and put his size 10’s right in it. He said that people should make do with less and that they just wanted too much. Sensible advice you might think until you hear that it was delivered from his private jet on the way to Davos on hols with his wife, children and TWO nannies! Nice work if you can get it. Catchup tomorrow!

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