Liam Gallagher criticises Noel for missing One Love Manchester concert

Liam Gallagher criticises Noel for missing One Love Manchester concert

Liam Gallagher has criticised his brother Noel for not attending One Love Manchester.

Many fans had speculated that the Mancunian brothers would reunite for a performance at Sunday's benefit concert.

But when Liam took to the stage to surprise fans with a medley of Oasis songs - he did so solo.

"I'd like to apologise for my brother's absence last night very disappointed," he tweeted.

In a string of tweets he thanked fans for an "amazing night" at the Old Trafford Cricket ground in Manchester.

Before the concert, the singer told Radio 1 he didn't think a reunion on the cards.

But that didn't stop fans from hoping an Oasis tribute performance was in the pipeline.

Noel was abroad, according to Liam, who said he thought his brother should have got a plane back, to dedicate some songs to those affected by the attack.

He went on to say that this wasn't about an Oasis reunion, but about "people helping other people".

This is far from the first time the brothers have had a public falling out.

Still, some fans are questioning if it was the right time to bring up the family feud.

Newsbeat contacted representatives for Noel Gallagher who referred a statement they put out last week.

"Sadly, Noel will not be at the concert this weekend. He's been out of the country on a longstanding family trip since before the concert was announced and is unable to attend," they said at the time.

"Needless to say he is very supportive of the event and wishes everyone huge success on the day."

We've also contacted representatives for Liam Gallagher but we are yet to receive a response.

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