Malala Asked The Internet For College Advice And People Delivered

She might be the youngest Nobel laureate in history, but Malala still needs a college checklist.

Malala Yousafzai is headed to Oxford University this fall to further her education, and the 20-year-old Nobel Peace Prize recipient, who went head-to-head with the Taliban, needs help packing her bags. 

The Pakistani woman asked Twitter for advice on what to bring to Oxford on Saturday.

“Packing for university,” she wrote. “Any tips? Advice? Dos and don’ts? #HelpMalalaPack.” 

Packing for university ¬ Any tips? Advice? Dos and dont's? #HelpMalalaPack

— Malala (@Malala)

Listen, Malala is basically every girl’s hero. 

As a young girl, she blogged about her life under a strict terrorist group in Pakistan. She gained international fame advocating for girls’ education and became an enemy of the Taliban.

Malala was shot in the head by the group in 2012, and sustained injuries to her head, neck and shoulder. She has lived in the United Kingdom ever since, juggling school with her international humanitarian work. 

So when she asked for help, the internet delivered. 

Bring your favorite books! Download podcasts!

— Yara shahidi (@YaraShahidi)

Bring a mattress pad with you! The beds are not very comfortable without them

— Carli œ (@hoohoosmosh)

Bring flip flops to wear in the shower! Get double sided adhesives to put up pictures on your wall. Good luck and enjoy yourself :)!

— s (@vegavibez)

Something to remind you of home. Something small that you can pin on the wall by your bed or place on your desk. It will help you settle in.

— Jett Jaguar (@JettuJagga)

A Costco-size teddy bear is a great addition to any dorm room #HelpMalalaPack

— Patricia (@pflores21)

You should definitely look into using @Evernote for note-taking in class. Believe me, it made my college years so much better!

— Rui Delgado (@rui)

HEADPHONES. Trust me. Noise cancelling ones, specifically

— niyorlah (@donnapaulsenns)

Protein bars. Lots of protein bars.

— DoUHaveTheFever? (@sidin)

extra blankets!! you never know how cold a dorm room can get until you're shivering at night!

— angela marie ✨ (@vintageboombox)

Often the closets are pretty small. These type of hangers were a lifesaver for me. ❤️

— Courtney Norris (@courtneyknorris)

Don't rush out and buy an expensive gown; check out the cheaper/used gowns from OUSU or other places. Enjoy your time!

— Mohsin Khan (@thedoctorkhan)

A protective tube for your toothbrush, a shower caddy with a lot of compartments, Tupperware, lanyard, and a reading light! #HelpMalalaPack

— Danny Craig (@dannyjcraig)

Create a wall hanging for pics with thread and clothespins so you can add new memories to old ones ❤️ I used solid fabric for the backdrop

— hoolia (@JulzMontejo)

And while all of the tips were extremely helpful, there was one bit of advice that stood out above the rest.

My advice would be to enjoy every single minute of it! Good luck for University Malala! I wish you the very best of luck! ❤️

— Luce (@lucycrispmusic)
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