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Mean Neighbors Block Aunt’s Driveway, Nephew Picks Car Up With Bare Hands For Revenge

Mean Neighbors Block Aunt’s Driveway, Nephew Picks Car Up With Bare Hands For Revenge

Getting back at someone is not a new concept. Surely you’ve been on the giving or receiving end of a situation whereby someone was left with a sour taste in their mouth after trying to get even? It could be something as simple as eating someone’s yogurt out of the office fridge after noticing that someone took their last can of cola! And sometimes, we feel it’s the right course of action, other times it’s childish and ridiculous. Below, is an example of such rivalry—you be the judge!

Abi Mustafa, who lives in Turkey, had decided to park her car outside her neighbors home as they did not have a driveway. She thought that having no reason would be enough for it to be OK to do so, as she was not obstructing their way in any shape or form. Her neighbors, however, didn’t quite agree.


To get back at Abi, they decided that they too would park in front of her home. The only difference? Abi has a driveway. For that reason, the neighbor’s car blocked hers, and she was unable to move her vehicle.

After talking with them to no avail, she decided to involve her nephew, Hakan Acar. Now Hakan is a particularly strong man, being referred to as the Tulk by his friends (Turkish Hulk). What did he do? He decided to approach the neighbors in a civilized manner to end the dispute. And while the woman living there was happy to finish it, her boyfriend was not as keen. This left Hakan to undergo plan B—a very creative plan B, I might add!

See the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Is Hakan a genius or is he perhaps in the wrong? Additionally, if you’ve loved this video, be sure to like and share it with all of your friends and family!

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