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Mindful retreat for troubled celebrities in Montana apparently does wonder, part two

The heartbreaking confessions continued, and each and every one of them had a story to share.

The whole process is envisioned as a form of a breakthrough out of the childhood behavioural neurosis. The thing is, there's always something in our past that we can relate as grand evidence for demolishing our present and annihilating our future, especially when it comes to our relationships. Dr Muller, the head chief creator of the process and Ravi to many of his celebrity students, points out that the core of the retreat implores his clients to find that certain thing and cleanse it out of the system. "We use some traditional approaches, like talking and burning candles, and one-leg hopping, as well as some new age methods like clyster, and eating a lot of beans. Like a kilo per day. We encourage our students to let go, and feel comfortable within their own bodies, and with who they are becoming. It's not an easy path, I admit. But the results are just marvellous. They're able to accept themselves for who they truly are – raw, delicate, real persons, not just some video reflection you catch on your screen once in a while." 

We're back with C.J. We sit on the front porch, having one of those green, lumpy juices that taste like grass. His glance wanders in the distance. His voice is now, a week after the retreat started, calm and kind. He's a good-mannered boy from his Disney days again.

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