Mum hits back after she’s branded ‘sick’ by trolls for breastfeeding son, three, on shop floor during anxiety attack


Sarah Mills, 33, has hit back against trolls who branded her "sick", "disgusting" and a "paedophile" because they felt her little boy Morrison was "too old" to feed.

A mum has hit back after trolls called her "sick" and a "paedphile" for breastfeeding her three-year-old sonCredit: Caters News Agency

The woman, from Australia, has claimed breastfeeding in public is more normal than giving your kid takeaway food, medicines or dairy products.

She had sat on the floor in a shoe aisle to appease her hungry son during a back-to-school shopping spree - with her seven-year-old daughter Monroe taking the snap which was uploaded to her blog Amongst the Stars.  

Responding to the criticism that followed - which included strangers saying she should "kill herself" - the mum-of-three wrote: "My whole existence is my children. I would give my life to ensure they are safe and cared for.

"How backwards we have become in the year 2020. Parents can load their children up with takeaways, pharmaceuticals, over the counter meds, dairy milk laden with cow pus and sugary soft drinks... but a woman nurturing and comforting her child is child abuse?"

Sarah Mills, from Australia, revealed she was suffering from anxiety when she sat down on the shop floor to feed hungry little boy MorrisonCredit: Caters News Agency

Sarah - who also has ten-year-old son Hendrix - slammed those who called her a "child abuser" and "sex offender" for feeding a child older than one.

She said: "How sick and disturbing to attack a woman for doing the most selfless and natural thing on this earth.

"I went and 'tried out' some of the suggestions from the internet about how I should breastfeed my child. I didn't like them, so I'll keep feeding anywhere and everywhere I choose."

The mum said she was most upset at being "torn to shreds" by the "sisterhood".

The mum also has an older son and daughterCredit: Caters News Agency

Sarah explained: "How on earth can we as women demand respect from men when we aren't even respecting each other?

"You can't claim girl power but only for things that align with your views. You can't start a sentence with 'I support breastfeeding but'... you either support it or you don't."

She says breastfeeding is more normal than giving your kids takeaway, medicines or dairy productsCredit: Caters News Agency

The mum added that Morrison had a condition which meant he could easily choke on food, so she was glad to breastfeed him to keep him nourished.

She noted: "So much malnourishment and chronic illness, along with an array of other issues in our western children these days, could be curbed and improved with extended breastfeeding."

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