Friday, 28 February 2020

Nasty Nigel less popular than a toilet - on Tinder.

Nasty Nigel less popular than a toilet - on Tinder.

As if the older versions weren’t enough, Tinder have decided to see what would happen if they posted profiles of our glorious leaders and would be leaders in their younger days. They included ones for Tory DC and Nasty Nigel of the UKippers, according The Daily Mirror. Turns out that you get more swipes to match rate (eh?) if you are DC than if you are Nasty Nigel – Ah Nigel it was ever thus!

The experiment was the brainchild of online betting company Betfair who set up the profiles of ‘young’ party leaders. This highly scientific experiment scrolled through 100 matches for each of the boys, over five days, to make it fair. However it should be noted that a man who pretended that he was a toilet got 200 matches on Tinder in one week although it is not know how many times he was wiped sorry I mean swiped.

Bad news for nasty Nigel though, as he was in last place with only 112 matches, (less than the toilet). One respondent said “Hey Nig how about ‘Ukip’ at mine☺” Nick Clegg was listed as “currently in a difficult relationship in danger of breaking up” eliciting a message from one Tinderian saying “Hello handsome Nick How goes it? Sorry to hear about the break up” Ed Miliband listed as ‘Bacon sandwich lover’ had a message asking him “how is it living in the shadows? Cabinet!” While DC himself whose bio on Tinder read ‘prefers watching TV rather than being on it’ had a reply from another Tinderian to say “Watching TV rather than being on it? You an actor?” No comment. Catchup tomorrow!

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