Thursday, 27 February 2020

Netflix Subscriptions Proven to Increase Time spent Viewing Netflix.

Netflix Subscriptions Proven to Increase Time spent Viewing Netflix.

In groundbreaking news, statisticians have proven that people who subscribe to Netflix are more inclined to watch programs on Netflix than anybody else. Dr. Eeyore McKenna extrapolated on the finding:

“Indeed, we have discovered that there is a direct correlation between people who have invested in paid subscriptions to Netflix and people who watch Netflix. This has set off some kind of domino effect in the world of research. Following this emerging trend, we discovered that there was a significant overlap between people who paid for a gym subscription and people who used the gym facilities…who knows what other major statistical discoveries we will uncover now that we appear to have unearthed some sort of code.”

The researchers spent the night in the local bar celebrating, despite the fact that preliminary research connected drinking in a bar with developing a hangover the morning after.

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