Wednesday, 01 April 2020

‘P*** your pants scary!’

‘P*** your pants scary!’

News from New Zealand that a woman who was so terrified that she wet herself in a 'horror maze' has blasted a theme park after an embarrassing pic of her ‘wet patch’ was used by the theme park to promote themselves. The thrill-seeking customer apparently lost control of her bladder while she was in the 'Corn Evil' section of the Auckland based Spookers Haunted Attraction Scream Park.

Punters cough up their hard earned dollars to wander through a pitch-black maze of corn and are confronted by chainsaw-wielding zombies, evil looking clowns, spooky ghosts and monsters. The organisers say on their website: "It is not for the faint hearted and Corn Evil is definitely not open for children. Come prepared with torches and a change of underwear; you won’t be disappointed." One maze wanderer however clearly found the whole experience too much and had not headed the advise to bring a change of underwear resulting in a controversial picture being posted showing her leaving the freakish attraction with a wet patch on the front of her pants.

Seizing on the unfortunate mishap of the woman the Park posted her picture with the appealing caption ‘P*** your pants scary!’ Luckily the woman apparently has a loving caring family for whom she claims she has become a figure of fun and who openly mock her because they have recognised her clothing. It does make me wonder why she would be making such a fuss if she does not want her so far anonymously pictured lower half, identified with her as yet unidentified upper half.

The Park proudly claims that one in five of their visitors have similar mishaps. If memory serves, I think that is much the same as those attending the Conservative Party Conference. In other news reports that retail crime in the UK has reached a 10-year high. Maybe it’s people stealing extra pairs of underwear to take with them to Spookers. Catch up tomorrow!

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