Monday, 16 September 2019

People Are Really Ticked Off Over This Controversial Mcdonald’s Ad

People Are Really Ticked Off Over This Controversial Mcdonald’s Ad

All publicity is good publicity, and that is exactly what this Ad has achieved for McDonald’s. Trying to do the “out of the box” thing, McDonald’s deviated from its usual ‘happy go lucky’ Ad policy and angled it on sentiments. It turned out to be a disaster for the company. Read on to find out.

McDonald’s ads over the years have typically been pretty upbeat.

A family is what comes to mind when McDonald’s is mentioned. That has been their publicity goal ever since the beginning and I believe that this strategy was no different but the spin that they were trying to put on it didn’t quite go right.

The ad features a young boy walking with his mother and asking numerous questions about his father.

The initial moments of the advertisement have us watching a boy and his mother taking a stroll and having a chat about the boy’s father. Turns out that the boy’s father died really early. The boy is trying to get to know his father by questioning his mother. Kinda sad for happy go lucky isn’t it.

The boy was obviously yearning to make some type of connection.

He doesn’t find anything common with his dad until he orders a fish burger which happens to be his dad’s favorite too.

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