Friday, 28 February 2020

People starting to come around to the idea that a person’s way of thinking is adaptable.

People starting to come around to the idea that a person’s way of thinking is adaptable.

Earlier this year the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh released a statement claiming that, having observed the behavioral patterns of mice, research would suggest that a person’s pattern of thinking is not completely decided upon from an early age, but capable of changing even into the later years of their life. If this is proven to be true, it could forever change the judicial system and approach that people take to dealing with criminals.

Upon hearing this news, the people of Scotland took to the streets and protested against this ‘sh*t’ idea. Crowds marched up and down the cobblestoned streets of Diagon Alley in Edinburgh, carrying banners with slogans emblazoned across the front,

“Dis is absolut tripe. 1nce an idiot, always an idiot.”

“Prison is for thugs. Let them out and I’ll bash their head in.”

“You can fool yourself, all you want but you won’t fool me.”

The riots and parades lasted for literally minutes before a downpour. However, great change was witnessed this morning, seven days later, when the same mob emerged with different signs, or rather...the same signs with bits tippexed out.

“Dis is mebbe a little bit tripe. Some people are idiots.”

“Prison is for thugs. Let them out.”

“You can fool me.”

The heartwarming change in the behavior of the protestors suggests towards some form of preliminary acceptance of the concept that one’s thinking is adaptable. At least I think it does. No, IT DOESN’T. Ah here. I’m sure it does.

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