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Prince Charles will be joining Spice Girls for a world tour instead of Lady Victoria


It has been announced recently that Prince Charles will be joining famous Spice Girls on their comeback tour, in place of justifiably absent Lady Victoria. The friendship dates back in the nineties, when Prince Charles first met the girls, and during the course of years they forged a very firm bond. Prince Charles, who's known for his love for pop culture and all the things modern, have been especially close to Geri Horner (formerly known as Geri Halliwell), since the famous family greeting she once gave him. In fact, Prince Charles, who adores Spice Girls' hits such as "Viva Forever" and still hums "Wannabe" in the shower, felt genuinely sad when Geri decided to leave the group, that he had his mother schedule exceptional Security Council in order to ease the consequences of Geri's departure from the band.

And when Lady Victoria finally reached the conclusion not to take part in the latest tour, due to her enormous work engagements and huge household commitments, Charles immediately reacted and offered to replace her. "He already knew the songs, and the moves also. We had some troubles with the costumes, since he's quite larger than Victoria. We had to go for a size up, but the fittings are going pretty great, so we don't doubt the success of the tour, not at all," the band's manager explained to the press.

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