Queen Elisabeth took part in a traditional hunting spree

Photo by Fredrik Orhlander

Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth, all wrapped up in her khaki cagoule, and wearing rubber knee-length boots of no particular designer, took part in a traditional shooting-and-hunting over the weekend, followed by some of her closest companions. The group arrived in the woods around Sandringham early in the morning, properly equipped and armed for the seasonal activity. The queen herself had her favourite Winchester 1894 rifle, enhanced with silver bullets, and also the arrow and bow weapon system on her back. Several dogs were at the Queen's side all the time, in case her Majesty needed a helping nose.

The hunting proved to be very fruitful at the end, because the list of trophies spreads endlessly: five boars, seventeen foxes, one red panda, three aardvarks, seven flies, one mammoth, several woodpeckers… They even had success in hunting down a quite rare catch indeed – a human catch, to be more precise. Somewhere around noon, the Queen and the entourage came across a couple of illegal immigrants, whom they quickly subjugated, disarmed, and appropriately fastened. The wedged trespassers didn't stand much chance against the British monarch, and couldn't state anything in their defence, although there's a possibility their knowledge of correct English is harmed by watching Netflix.

The Queen's secretary later commented that they are still uncertain what they should do with the immigrants, for they couldn't possibly eat them or hang them on the wall, and their future is yet to be determined, once the court celebrates the 67th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne.

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