Regular Erection good for Sexual Health

✅Men should have erection regularly to keep their penis in great shape. That's the verdict of scientists. Without regular erection, the penis risks
shrinkage, researchers warn. "If a man does not have regular
erection, the penis may shrink" says an Associate Professor and Residency Programme Director of the Urology Division at Southern Illinois University's School of Medicine, Dr. Tobias Köhler.

Köhler notes that the male sex organ consists of smooth muscles that need to be periodically supplied with
oxygen-rich blood. "The rush of blood that engorges the
penis during erection is necessary to keep it healthy and prevent the tissues from losing elasticity. Without regular erection, the penis can shrink by one or two centimetres,” the urologist warns.

He explains that a healthy man should expect to have erections up to three or five times per night; warning that men
who don't wake up with an erection should see the doctor. He says when a man regularly has erections while asleep, it indicates that the blood-flow to the penis is normal, as this is absolutely necessary if a man
must be able to maintain erection
when he is ready for sex.

“Your penis is a ‘use it or lose it’
organ.’ Frequent erections — say, multiple times a night — keep your penile tissue soft and stretchy. "They also prompt the smooth muscle in your penis to relax, which allows the blood to rush in and get you hard. "It’s important this happens often,
because the stretchiness of your penis decreases if the smooth muscles stay contracted for too long. "Without a regular, relaxing -contracting workout, the length of your erect penis may actually shorten,” Köhler warns❗
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