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​Rufus, walked into a restaurant and shouted his order, "Gimme 1 plate of rice without meat, and then give everybody 2 chicken laps, 3 goat meats, pepper soup, and 5 snails each, because when I eat, I want everyone to eat too!"

The waiter processed his request and gave him his meal and everyone else their meals.

When they finished enjoying their meal he shouted another order, "Serve me 1 bottle of small Guinness stout and give everybody else a bottle of Hennesy, and a bottle of Moet champagne because when I drink, I want everybody to drink too!"

Everyone was happy and started singing his praises, saying Rufus is "The Man".

When Rufus finished his drink he shouted again: "Gimme my bill and give everybody else their own bill, because when I pay, I want everybody to pay too."

Rufus's funeral is tomorrow at 10:00 am

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