Teen Steps On Stage To Sing Then Simon Asks Him To Look At The Seat Next To His Mom

When Reuben Gray got the chance to audition on the runaway success show Britain’s Got Talent, this was a very bittersweet moment for the young man. The sixteen-year-old singer/songwriter was eager for the chance to audition, however, he shortly learned that his father was not going to be able to be there. As this was an astounding chance to let the world know of his talents, it would not be the same without his dad in the crowd.

Gray intended to sing one of his original compositions, a song entitled “Lifeline”. As the big day arrived, he was set to perform and even as it would be hard for him to do exclusive of his dad nearby, Reuben knew that this was too big of a chance to pass up. He allows the crowd to know that the first thing he would at the conclusion of the performance is to pick up the phone to call his father.

Little did he know that he had the surprise of a lifetime coming up for him once he stepped out on the stage and that the one and only Simon Cowell was in on it. While Simon has a well-earned reputation for being harshly honest with contestants, he recognizes when to decline the rudeness and make an environment where great television can take place.

Prior to Reuben sat down at the piano to start playing his original song, Simon acquired him a question that would provide as the setup for one of the most touching disclosures that we have ever seen. The look that we see on Reuben’s face when the surprise is lastly revealed to him is one of the most precious things that you are going to see anytime soon.

As it turns out, it has been set up for Reuben’s father to put in an appearance for the performance anyhow and when Simon asked the young man if his father was, in fact, his biggest fan, he never could have expected what was going to happen. If you are anything like us, then your heart will melt once you hear this young man’s father calling to him from the crowd.

Would you like to look into this sensitively charged performance for yourself? If so, then be certain to watch this clip of Reuben’s song in full. This young man is absolutely a special talent and we are going to be considering a whole lot more of him in the future, that’s true of course.

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