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Tesco drink recalled over disgusting smell.

Some parents have suggested that the apple and blackcurrant squash could have been to blame for their children's upset stomachs.

Mother of ten, Suzie Doorley would not stand down as she demanded a full refund of the ninety-cent she was charged for that ‘vile smelling’ bottle of apple and blackcurrant cordial she bought in Tesco that week.

Mrs. Doorley brought six of her children with her as evidence that the drink had caused damage to their health. She is threatening to bring the franchise to court for ruining one of the most important days in her life, her fifth eldest son’s seventh birthday.

“My chickens were gassy for the whole day. It completely ruined the birthday occasion,” gushed the Essex woman. “For the love of God, one burped all the way from McDonalds to the cinema. I knew the drink had caused an upset tummy when Fintan, my eldest, asked me would I like an m and m from his usual share bag. There’s something wrong when my boy is giving away his food. I mean, for the love of God he ordered a Diet Coke at the cinema. Diet? Something started to smell fishy. The straw that broke the camel’s back was at the Merry’s when Jessica spewed everywhere after our first rollercoaster. I knew immediately that this hideous concoction was to blame.”

Mrs. Doorley proceeded to spill the squash all over the floor, one can only assume for dramatic effect. She then stamped on the liquid and carefully lifted her shoe,

“See!’ she proclaimed,’ It’s making my trainers stick to the floor. They wouldn’t stick like that if it wasn’t radioactive. Shame on Tesco, they have lost eleven customers today.”

Shortly after being given the refund, Mrs. Doorley bought a large bag of marshmallows that she planned to give to the kids as a treat after Pizza Hut that night.

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