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The Surprising Thing That Is Drying Your Skin out and What to Do About It.

The Surprising Thing That Is Drying Your Skin out and What to Do About It.

So dry skin can be a real bummer in the autumn or winter season. It makes you look years older, chapping your makeup, looking like you have layers on. Researchers may have now a found a cause for transepidermal loss of water from your skin, causing it to appear dehydrated. Yes, it is not diet and exercise apparently, but lack of sleep may be the real culprit. Beauty sleep exists now, so catch a nap for an hour or two to rehydrate and recharge your skin. As dermatologist Marina Peredo M.D. said, “dry skin can appear more aged.” A full night’s rest may be essential to make your skin appear plump and healthy. Below are some remedies that may help your skin restoring its hydration.

1. Ditch the hot showers:

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Showering with hot water may excessively dry out your skin, causing it to appear parched. Especially if you shower right before you sleep. Raising core body temperatures right before you snooze can further dry out your skin causing it to appear dry when you wake up. Thus jump into the shower at least an hour before you sleep.

2. Buy a humidifier:

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Transepidermal loss of water from your skin may slow down in a humid environment due to saturation. So if you live in a dry cold climate, switch your humidifier on at night before sleeping so you get up looking fresh and beautiful. It will not only add moisture to the room air but also restore your skin’s hydration.

3. Try an exfoliating scrub:

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Combining an exfoliant with moisturizer, may help draw more moisture into deeper layers of the skin, making it appear more youthful and fresh. Many such products are available in the market, which combines both an exfoliant and a moisturizer for added benefits.

4. Indulging in coconut oil:

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Coconut oil may have emollient properties, filling up spaces between the cells of your skin, making its surface appear smooth and shiny. The naturally occurring saturated fats in the oil can cure dry skin easily. Since it is completely natural, you need not mix it with something else before application. You may apply it several times to the sensitive areas of your face and body such as under the eyes. It is gentle and appropriate for everyday use.

5. Use petroleum jelly as your daily moisturizer:

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Petroleum jelly is a naturally occurring mineral oil that is also known to heal and repair skin in older adults. It traps moisture within the layers of the skin, preventing it from drying out. It may also help to heal dry and irritated areas of the skin.

6. Use oatmeal also for your skin:

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Oatmeal is a naturally occurring crop, which has long been used for beautification. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may heal dry and sensitive areas of your skin. You may simply use it by throwing oatmeal in your food processor and making it into fine powder that can be used to soak yourself in. commercially packaged products are also widely available that may be used to rehydrate your skin.

7. Eat raw and eat green:

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Raw fresh vegetables such as blueberries and tomatoes that are rich naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants may help repair your damaged dry skin. So ditch the packaged and processed food, and eat healthy for a beautiful glowing skin. Omega-3 supplements may also aid in the repair and rebuilding of your skin.

8. Wear insulated gloves:

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You hands take a lot of damage when working outside in the cold, or washing dishes and doing laundry. Harsh chemicals in detergents or cleaning agents may dry out your skin damaging it. Try to wear insulated gloves to protect your hands from the damage.

9. Apply oils to your skin:

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Oil based moisturizers that contain natural ingredients such as jojoba, almond and avocado may help moisturize your skin and keep it from drying out. Different natural oils such as olive oil may also be of use especially if you have severe dry skin. Slather on the oil after bathing and pat dry with a towel for a fresh supple skin, locking all the moisture in the layers of your skin.

10. Use the sea salt to treat your skin:

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Sea salt has a lot of benefits for dry and sensitive skin. Use it with glycerin as scrub or pour it into a bath tub, it will work wonders for your dry skin. The results are best if combined with a oil based moisturizer after use. However do not use sea salts if you have cut or bruised skin, as you may experience burning.

11. Natural Aloe Vera gel can work like magic:

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Aloe Vera gel has soothing and anti-aging properties, use a thin film of 100% aloe Vera gel for application on your dry patches; it also sloughs away the dead cells, revealing shiny and smooth skin. Apply aloe Vera gel for twenty minutes; simply leave it on if absorbed in the skin washing off any excess residue. Use it once or twice daily or simply replace your moisturizer with it!

12. Oh the sweet honey:

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Honey may work wonders for dry skin, with its moisturizing and anti inflammatory properties. Simply leave it on for twenty or so minutes then wash off with water. The application may be repeated twice or thrice daily for the best results and a smooth glowing skin.

13. glycerin as an emollient:

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Glycerin can also serve as a great moisturizer, apply it alone, or combine it in 1:1 ratio with rose water. Dab it on before sleeping at night or before applying makeup in morning. It works as a wonderful humectant and emollient locking in moisture in your skin.

14. Go natural with the fresh fruit juices:

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Fresh fruit juices can be consumed or applied on skin to provide moisture. They are high in water content; consuming it can restore hydration to the skin. Apply natural fruit juices such as watermelon juice with honey as a face pack once a day. It will not only moisturize your skin , but natural vitamins and anti oxidants will help repair the damaged skin and also reverse the damage caused by the harsh UV rays.

15. Lacto calamine lotion for your skin:

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Lacto calamine is a special variant of lotions available in the market that especially helps in locking moisture within the layers of your skin. It also contains zinc oxide for soothing dry irritated skin, it also suppresses inflammation and itching that comes as a package with dry skin. It is also used as an ailment for many skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.

16. Fuller’s earth clay mask for daily application:

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Fuller’s earth is famous as a remedy for dry skin, but a few applications combined with honey and olive oil can also cure dry and irritated skin. The natural minerals in this can help soothe dry skin, making it soft and smooth. Use it as the main ingredient for your facemask each day and see the miracle yourself. It may also be useful if you have combined skin.

17. Rose water spray:

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Use rose water two to three times in a day, using circular massage to get it absorbed in the skin. It restores the skin’s natural ph, increasing blood circulation on the face, enabling the oil glands to resume their function of producing natural oils that will keep the skin hydrated.

18. The almonds and cream mask:

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Almonds contain natural vitamin E which can help restore moisture to the skin. Just blend some almonds in the blender combining it with cream to use a face or a body mask for application. Apply it for a while till dry then simply wash off to reveal refreshed and rejuvenated skin. Apply once in a week for best results.

19. Milk as the miraculous ingredient:

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Milk contains natural amino acids and saturated fats that help keep your skin smooth and healthy, giving it a natural glow. Simply combine milk powder or whole milk with cream or honey and apply it on your face once or twice a week to rock a fresh supple skin.

20. Do not shy away from using apple cider:

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Apple cider vinegar contains mild acids that help balance out the pH of your skin, restoring blood flow to your skin, enabling your oil glands to restore your skin’s hydration. It also contains vitamins and anti oxidant properties that help soothe irritated and sensitive skin. Combine it with water or use it alone for application multiple times a day.

21. Avocado mask:

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It is not only a healthy and delicious fruit but also contains vitamin E and C that may help ease your dry chapped skin. Famous since ages a popular remedy for dry skin, it can be combined with milk, honey or cream for application, or simply used alone in a blenderized form. It leaves your skin as shiny as a new tile!

22. Baking soda, the common cooking tool:

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Baking soda can work both ways as a natural exfoliant, also restoring the skin’s natural pH, enabling the glands in your skin to produce sebum. Simply combine it with a few drops of oil, and work in circular motion and wash off, to clear all dead cells and debris enabling your skin to breathe.

23. Turmeric for a healthy glow:

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Turmeric is common ingredient in food. Commonly found in the kitchen, this spice can not only cure dry skin but also provide a healthy glowing complexion in the process. Turmeric contains an active ingredient called curcumin which possesses many beneficial properties for the skin, combine it with milk or honey for application a few times a week. Wear an old worn out t-shirt as turmeric can easily dye clothes too along with your skin.

24. Slather butter for a healthy glow:

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Apply cocoa or shea butter onto the skin and leave overnight for a youthful healthy skin. The natural ingredients of shea butter resemble natural oils produced by the skin; hence it is absorbed easily moisturizing the skin. It may additionally be also used for its anti inflammatory and anti aging properties. Cocoa butter also works similarly to give your skin a smooth finish that your friends will envy.

25. Combine cinnamon powder with honey:

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Cinnamon powder has famous anti inflammatory properties; it can be used to destroy free radicals that function to destroy the harmony of the skin, causing it to be parched and dry. Combine it with rich ingredients such as cream or honey for application, giving your skin a luxurious glow.

26. Eat and apply cucumbers for a great skin:

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Cucumbers are very high in water content; consuming more water will naturally restore moisture to your skin. Use it in a face mask with yoghurt for added benefits and a great complexion.

27. Fenugreek powder is the recipe for success:

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Mucilage found in fenugreek, works as a natural emollient trapping moisture, on top of that it also has immense anti aging properties. Grind fenugreek in a spice blender to make it into a fine powder, combine it with milk and yoghurt for application. Let the wonder of fenugreek shock you the next time you see your skin in the mirror.

28. Ginger the key to a great skin:

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Gingerols are phytochemicals found in highest concentration in ginger, they have antioxidant properties that help fight dull skin, reducing inflammation and irritation. It also fights free radical damage and cures dryness to a great extent. Use it in face mask with ingredients for maximum benefit.

The remedies mentioned above can work wonders for a dry skin. All these ingredients are natural and can be used frequently to fight dull aging skin. Most of them are common household items that are a part of the grocery list each month. They are cheap and easy to find at local stores near you. There should be no excuse for dry chapped skin even in winters, hope these remedies help you achieve the healthy glowing skin you have always dreamt about!

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