Wednesday, 19 June 2019

There's a snake in my...kettle!


​Barry Downes from London treated himself to a brand new kettle in the January sales from high street retailer Argos. After a nice cup of tea Downes was shocked to find that there had been a snake in his kettle which has made its way to his kitchen floor!

Initially when Barry has seen the snake on the floor her thought it was a 'piece of string' but once it started wriggling he managed to trap the tiny corn snake under a saucepan lid. He then quickly called the RSPCA who dispatched Ella Davis to collect the snake from Downes. The snake is now in specialist care, it appears that newly-hatched snake had managed to escape and find itself in a Russell Hobbs kettle!

Barry said: "I went down to Argos to get a new kettle. When I got it home I took it out of the wrapping, turned it on and realised it was working fine. I made a cup of tea and went to sit down to drink it. When I came back into the kitchen I spotted something on the floor. At first, I didn't recognise it as a snake so I picked it up to put it in the bin but then it started wriggling." 

A man on a terror mission overpowered by armed me...
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