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There's now a robotic butt that help medical students learn prostate exams


Catchup News has often wondered, as you may have yourself, how medical students practise prostate examinations? We haven’t actually wondered about that at all, but incase you have, you may want to read on and find out. There have been significant advances in that area. That sounds weird, but we mean there’s new equipment. Medical students now get to learn “professional intimacy” with Patrick, the robot bum. And he’s a cheap date. ’Patrick’ delivers instant feedback to students about the prostate exam they’re giving him. He has four sensors to let them know if the pressure is too soft or they haven’t covered the whole prostate. ‘Patrick’ is the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to run into at a party. He is the result of four years’ work from a joint team at the University of Florida, University of Wisconsin, and Drexel University and the new technology is also being used to help students hone their skills at performing breast examinations. Patrick and Patty, what a couple. “Our goal is to get students more comfortable with these mortifying scenarios,” Dr Benjamin Lok, the professor who leads the research, told Future of You. “There aren’t enough opportunities for students to practise, which causes them a lot of anxiety.” Almost as much anxiety as if you’re going in for a prostate examination. Patrick however, is all machine and no feelings, so he’ll settle the mood of the room. More from Catchup News next.

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