This Morning is back kicking and....cussing

Martin Clumes swears on This Morning

Today marked the reunion of our favourite morning TV duo, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield who present This Morning.

They had quite the guest on today's show, Martin Clumes. Clumes was on to discuss his new show 'Manhunt'. He began to chat to the pair about his new role and the reasons why he took it however his conversation took a turn for the, well funny when he started slagging off the current government. He told Holly and Phillip that his new role in Manhunt had 'opened his eyes' to the crime squad in Hampshire and 'how many people and how much energy there is on [the police force]"

"We thought it was a good time maybe to tell that story, I was playing the SIO (senior investigating officer), so I wanted to see how the rest of the team were towards him. We filled our boots and you come away thinking, 'Thank god we've got a police force...

Which we won't have if this current shite-storm of a government have their way."

Philip managed to quickly turn it around by apologising to the viewers - nothing like Martin Clumes to brighten up your morning TV!

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day.

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