Try Not To Scream At What The Nurse Pulls Out Of This Guy’s Nose

Everyone has gotten a stuffy nose from time to time. It’s just something that happens, like it or not, and it can be caused by a sinus infection or worse. In scarier situations, foreign objects might be the stuff that’s clogging up your nose.

Sinus infections might sound less frightening than foreign objects, but they are a real pain. Though not necessarily life-threatening, and with symptoms manageable enough without requiring the help of a doctor, they’re still quite uncomfortable.

One man with horrible sinus pain decided to pack his nose with cotton, but to no avail. Giving up, he enlisted in the expertise of a physician—but when she removed the gauze, even she was horrified by what she saw!

This man had been struggling with a sinus infection for weeks. He read online about stuffing cotton up your nose to treat the conditions, and he was desperate. So, against his better judgement, he gave it a shot.

It did not take long, however, for the blood, pus, and other bodily fluids secreting from his nasal passageways to completely saturate the swaths of cotton he put up his own nostrils. The pressure quickly became unbearable.


He was mortified that his own home medical aid had proved to be so disastrous, but he knew after only a couple of tries that he was going to have to swallow his pride and seek professional help right away.

Once he was inside the doctor’s office, he admitted everything. Luckily, this wasn’t the first time the doctor had seen a patient try to treat their own condition with unfortunate results, so she wasn’t about to judge him for it.


Carefully, the doctor explained that the only way to alleviate his distress would be by removing the packing manually. At this point, the man didn’t care what had to be done so long as his discomfort went away.

Now that the doctor and the man knew what to be done, they got to work. It wasn’t too long, however, before the doctor’s professional exterior melted in shock at what she found…

(Warning: Some may find the following video graphic.)

Getting foreign objects stuck up your nose is supposed to be something you do when you’re a child, not an adult. Believe it or not, dried peas are common for children who want an easy—albeit unsafe—solution to avoid eating their veggies at suppertime.


In the less serious cases, like the one pictured below, parents can remove the objects at home themselves. Either they work on talking the child through blowing the object out of their nose, or they carefully remove it with tweezers.

However, as we’ve already learned, sometimes things get stuck up adults noses, too! It can happen when they try to treat themselves medically (like the man above) or sometimes objects like insects creep in without our knowledge…


All that said, humans are not the only ones who sometimes need to seek medical treatment for foreign objects stuck up their nose. This poor kitten’s nostril was home to a cuterebra larva that was causing him extreme distress until vets swooped in to help. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen…

(Warning: Some may find the following video graphic.)

While these incidents all look incredibly uncomfortable, what matters most is that these people (and kitten!) all got the help they needed. One can only imagine how much of a relief it must be for them to finally have that stuff out of their schnozzes!

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