US army’s peace initiative starts with vegan food


There are five times more vegans in America now then it was in 2014, many of them in the military, serving their country in the best possible way, often giving their most valuable possession - their own lives, for the sake of peace and democracy, even on foreign territories. The latest trend, however, appalled the army authorities, for they never considered the vegan cuisine to be the suitable kind of diet for army troopers, especially when in war zones. 'To tell you the truth, when they first told me about the idea, I wanted to kick their asses. I mean, if I saw vegans in our canteen, I would be the first one to throw those pussy-sweat pants-babies out. But then, it all started to make sense once I tried tempeh with chickpea burgers. Now I'm a hundred per cent for it', an anonymous captain wrote on Facebook.

The idea came to life when one of the soldiers had a vision during a combat pause, and started advocating the moral need of going vegan for the sake of inner peace and strength. 'It was a sort of flesh right in front of my eyes – if we're about to clean the territories, we might as well start with inner cleaning, like clyster and going vegan', the first vegan soldier said. 'I'll write it all down some day. If we try to go clean with our food, we're practically already humanitarians, we're doing a good thing for the planet. It's a small step towards peace, but worth of making.'

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