'VV Cream' Is Sort Of Like BB Cream, But For Your Bikini Line


Have you ever looked at your bikini area and thought, “If only I had a makeup or skincare line for this?” If the answer is yes, you’re in luck. 

A new company called The Perfect V (TPV) is out to claim a niche skincare and makeup opportunity. Avonda Urben, a veteran of companies like Revlon and L’Oréal, is the founder behind the provocative line. 

“More and more women are removing hair ― and removing more hair too! So more skin is exposed and that delicate skin is very different than the rest of the body,” Urben told HuffPost. “We are either ripping it out, putting a blade to it or using depilatory creams to remove the hair. And afterward we just leave it alone. We put so much attention to all the other parts of our body but the one area that we are actually ripping hair out of gets no attention.” 

Urben admits that the brand name is as disruptive as the products. Though it’s called The Perfect V, none of the products are actually intended for use on any body part aside your bikini line area.  

“We call it the V ― not short for vagina or vulva ― but just the V,” the founder said. “It’s simple, elegant, to the point and actually is the shape of the area we are addressing. No embarrassment, no shame and no making fun of it ― just matter of fact ― the V. Every V is different and every V is beautiful.” 

The line currently has eight products available. Some products, like TPV’s VV creams, washes, sheets and exfoliators, are for use after bikini waxes or other forms of hair removal. Despite their upscale appearance and suggestive name, these products are similar to many other treatments already available to help prevent ingrown hairs or soothe recently waxed, irritated skin

But Urben admits that it was TPV’s Shades of V Luminizer, which some people thought was a vagina highlighter, that truly “shocked” the internet. Considering the product is still intended to highlight your bikini line area, it’s still shocking ― just not to Urben.  

“We use highlighters everywhere ― why not a highlighter in the bikini line to add some radiance to that area while at the beach or wearing lingerie?” she said. “It’s one fun item that is really a finishing product and is super elegant and adds just a little radiance. It also evens the skin tone, gives it some luminosity, adds softness to the area.” 

The company also has a beauty serum, which is intended to “smoothe fine wrinkles with temporary firming action” ― but are bikini-line wrinkles something we were supposed to be worrying about? We’ll pass on that item.

So if you’re in the mood to shell out for some bikini wax relief products, by all means go for it (and if you want to add a luminator while wearing some lingerie, do it). But we say leave the beauty serum alone. 

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