Sunday, 29 March 2020

Women cyclist ordered to slow down so male cyclists could end their race first

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad race around the Flemish Ardennes in Belgium is held once a year, featuring both men and women cyclist teams racing for the prize and glory, with ten minutes break between the starts of the two races. However, the women were evidently faster and better prepared for the competition than the male team, with some of them even succeeding to catch up with men's race. The Swiss cyclist Nicole Hanselmann of the Bigla Pro team got on their tale, but she was then asked to stop her ride and wait for the male race to end. The other women had to follow the organizer's orders as well, and the whole group had to pause for five to seven minutes in order for men to restore the gap between the two groups. The women were quite unsatisfied with the outcome because it seemed that they were way faster than the male team, but had to be neutralized for the sake of preestablished order of sexes, as it seems, giving a quite new notion to the term positive discrimination.

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