Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Just a question??

Just a question??

Stephen King had so big addiction problems that he couldn't even remember writing certain of his novels


​ At his worst, the successful novelist was sober only three hours a day. Alcohol and drugs fuelled his writing. After his first books were made to movies he developed coke addiction. But he never stopped writing. He stuck cotton up his nose to stop the blood from dripping on his typewriter. Source: Detox to Rehab

​How life can bite you in the ass


A girl told to her father that she has run out of alcohol and doesn't have any money to buy anything for the weekend. Father was helpful and gave her the huge bottle of vodka from the cupboard without knowing that a daughter stole it when she was 16 and replaced the content with water. Source: Reddit

When you stick it in my mouth, do you want me to look in your eyes?

When you stick it in my mouth, do you want me to look in your eyes?
Wait a minute, while we are rendering the calendar

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