World's cutest mayor

​The town of Idyllwild has a hairy mayor who's all for peace, love, and sniffing other dogs. Mayor Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II, age six, a golden retriever, is serving his town and country for almost 5 years now and comes from a line of mayors. He's like royals – he inherited his position, has no real duties, and has a flair for dressing up.

Trump – world’s worst cheat at golf

A Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly wrote a book about President's Trump golf playing habit – and Trump probably won't like it, Catchupnews reveals. Reilly describes Trump as the world's worst cheat at golf, and many famous people have already backed Reilly's claims – Samuel L. Jackson, Alice Cooper and Oscar de la Hoya have also witnessed T...
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Melania Trump meets Fabiana Rosales, Juan Guaido's wife, at Mar-a-Lago

The First Lady of America met with Fabiana Rosales, the wife of unofficial Venezuelan president, for a cup of tea at Mar-a-Lago resort. Two of them, one unacclaimed, and the other one unamazed, shared a brief photo shoot together. The one was chequered, and the other one striped, the sight that could cause flashes and headache to photosensitive per...
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Woman pays large sum to clone her poodle

Amy Vangemert from Seattle invested a small fortune in cloning her beloved poodle Buhner so she could always have the same poodle in the the exact condition and age as Buhner was in its best days. Vangemert already has three identical copies of Buhner. A famous cynologist told Catchupnews that she should keep them apart so the clones won't ris...
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Vivaporu is cure for everything, Latinos claim

​It has been on the market for more than a century, and has reached its mythical status in the Latino community in such an extent that almost every Latino has a story involving VapoRub to tell. It's a universal cure for every health or emotional problem that one can encounter. Some American officials swore to Catchupnews that the Venezuelan humanit...
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American DEA offers marijuana-burning gig to Arizona contractors

The US Drug Enforcement Administration is searching for an accurate contractor to burn a tone of marijuana, approximately 1,000 pounds per hour, or about 896,000 half-gram joints. The confiscated marijuana should be burnt behind tall walls, so no onlookers could see, smell, or inhale the smoke of incarcerated supplies. The temperature should reach ...
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Jared Kushner still using WhatsApp when talking foreign politics

​Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, and an adviser on Middle East strategy, evidently still uses an easily accessible app when talking to his foreign acquaintances, Democrats claim. Kushner, whose close Whatsapp friend list includes the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, can't restrain himself from using the app. 'I dig him completely,' an ano...
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Trump says USA should take money for protecting other countries

American president Donald Trump notified his fellow citizens about his latest plan, the so-called Cost Plus 50, that will set things straight, considering the US foreign policy and relations with its allies. The plan is based on ancient mafia laws on protection of elder, poor, and week for reasonable wages. Trump's advice is to take the ransom mone...
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Five possible explanations why Trump hugged flag

The annual gathering of America's conservatives took place on Saturday, and some interesting things happened during the conference – besides unusually modern catering service being appointed to deliver quite unusual food for delicate gastronomical tastes of the old-school visitors. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for the upcomin...
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US army’s peace initiative starts with vegan food

There are five times more vegans in America now then it was in 2014, many of them in the military, serving their country in the best possible way, often giving their most valuable possession - their own lives, for the sake of peace and democracy, even on foreign territories. The latest trend, however, appalled the army authorities, for they never c...
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