Animal royal families

​ Animals have their royals also, and all the drama that comes along. For instance, monkey royals are known for their overuse of make-up, and constant...
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Even penguins take selfies

​A pair of Emperor penguins at Antartica's Auster rookery became Internet stars overnight when they took and shared their first selfie. Catchupnews re...
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Study in muddy - dirt brings happiness, scientists say

​We were told to wash our hands before lunch, after toilet, after going in, before going out… But scientists now say that bacteria found in soil and d...
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Blonde zebras have more fun

​Catchupnews reports that a very rare kind of zebra was photographed recently in its natural habitat – the so-called blonde zebra. It was moving smoot...
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Owning long-legged dog makes you more aristocratic

​According to the Tattler magazine, in order to look, feel, and behave as an aristocratic persona, one of the items on the must-have list is to own an...
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Where do all stuffed animals given to royals end up?

​The Royal Family is often given plenty of presents, and the recent acknowledgement of the gift list reveals the vast number of stuffed animals among ...
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Bear Vs Deer.

Bear Vs Deer.

Woman pays large sum to clone her poodle

Amy Vangemert from Seattle invested a small fortune in cloning her beloved poodle Buhner so she could always have the same poodle in the the exac...
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Big fish at Essex shopping centre lake ate ducks and smaller fish

A catfish weighing over 11kg was taken out of an Essex shopping centre lake because it ate its fellow fish and ducks residing on the lake shore, Catch...
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Yellow vests set famous Parisian restaurant on fire

​The gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement's protests became a regular Saturday night activity in Paris, and include bonfires, wild noise, smokes, and...
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