Sunday, 29 March 2020

Trump baby balloon to become art piece at museum

​Trump's state and all-inclusive family visit to Britain is taking a rather unexpected turn. The Museum of London just announced its plans to make an acquisition of Trump Baby blimp giant balloon doll in honour of the presidential visit. Catchupnews was told by reliable museum bookworms that baby doll symbolizes Trump's genuine desire for new begin...
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Artist in anti-selfie campaign

​Artist Stephanie Leigh Rose unrolled a series of photos on her online account @stefdies, depicting some famous backgrounds and her own corpse. The photographs are anti-selfies, as she put it, and imply that although mortal, we keep pursuing vain and artificial moments of happiness to show on social media, instead of real life.

Tesla S self-destructs in China

​The video shared on China's social network Weibo shows a disfigured Tesla S model after spontaneous combustion. Catchupnews learns that it was all an art installation, similar to the one already organised by Banksy during the controversial Sotheby's auction. The model self-destructed in order to mock the vanity of the owners, as well as to never g...
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Naomi Campbell mistaken for artefact in Qatar

​Naomi Campbell attended the opening of the new National Museum of Qatar in Doha. She wore a decent white gown for the occasion, and gave the overall impression of a statue of unprecedented beauty. No wonder the guards of the museum later tried to ban her from leaving the building, for they mistook her for one of the museum artefacts, Catchupnews h...
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Manneken Pis will no more pee out fresh drinking water

The famous Brussels' sculpture depicting a peeing boy, one of the city's landmarks, will no longer pee out fresh drinking water, for it has been determined that the boy had been weeing up to 2,500 litres of water per day. 'Since it is drinking water, we had troubles with making anyone actually drink it, because of the obvious fact that it's also a ...
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Sackler family, famous philanthropists, will help those affected by OxyContin addiction


​The story of OxyContin, a pain killer drug that created millions of addicts, could get a happy ending. The Sackler family who is behind the firm that introduced the drug, is also famous for great philanthropic deeds, especially in the field of art, and will most likely help those affected by addiction, perhaps by issuing them free passes to museum...
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I tried making latte art for the first time and this shit happened...

I tried making latte art for the first time and this shit happened...
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