Sunday, 18 August 2019

Baby making faces vs Babymaking faces.

Baby making faces vs Babymaking faces.

She gave birth to teabags


​A baby is a baby, no matter how it looks. In the psych ward, there was a woman who claimed to be pregnant during her stay. She shoved the teabags inside of her and acted out the whole birth. After the birth, she spent a few days screaming at the nurses and techs to give her the baby back.

"Eviction notice"

"Eviction notice"

New Kardashian baby arriving

​Since the news broke about a new member of the Kardashian clan, the world is sitting tight and waiting for the outcome. Kim, the mother of three, allegedly rushed to the hospital to witness the labour, and the rest of the family was announcing the event at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Here at Catchupnews, we're a bit confused whether the announcement...
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​He cancelled the trip with his girlfriend because he got a baby


Everything about her new boyfriend was perfect. She couldn't wait to go on a weekend trip with him already. But in the morning he called to cancel the trip. She didn't ask anything, knowing his parents are sick she assumed there was a family emergency. Next morning opening her Facebook she saw a baby picture with lots of comments where people congr...
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Kim Kardashian just had CBD themed baby shower


​In order to avoid any stress while expecting a new baby to arrive, every new mom should follow the steps of Kim Kardashian West - she just gave a cannabidiol themed party with a CBD infused chocolate fountain, and many other CBD tricks and treats. That way, the guests can chill, and so can moms, especially if they're prosperous enough to appoint a...
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New Royal Addition cheddar cheese in honour of new royal baby


​ Some like it hot, some like it cheesy, and some will honour the new royal baby birth by releasing a new cheddar cheese sort named Royal Addition. The cheese was specially produced to match Prince Harry's vibrant orange hair tone. "We fed the cows with oranges and Gatorade," a peasant told Catchupnews.

How the fuck did you lose your baby?


This girl's friend got pregnant. After not hearing from her for a while, she sent her a text asking how is the baby. She didn't get a reply until the next day. She was out partying and already drunk when she got a text back. Her friend had lost her baby. Completely wasted she wrote back: "How the fuck did you lose it?! Where did you leave it last?"...
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Virgin airlines.

Virgin airlines.

​9 labour nurses at one hospital all pregnant at the same time


Working close to newborns and helping mums to deliver babies have been inspiring for the nurses as well. At Maine Medical Center nine labour and delivery nurses from the same unit are all pregnant and due between April and July. According to the hospital, they are ready for nine maternity leaves and are they fully prepared to cover all nine nu...
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