Monday, 24 February 2020

​She moved to another country to break up


Their long-distance relationship had already lasted for a couple of years. Finally, he asked her to move in with him. His girlfriend was so happy. She had to arrange a lot of things to start life in a different country. First, she found a great teaching job, then she spent about a month finding them a place to live. She sold and gave away all her f...
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​He wanted to break up with her on their wedding day


You probably know the moment when the priest asks to "speak now or forever hold your peace". Usually, no one says anything, the couple gets married and lives happily ever after. But sometimes people cannot resist and open their mouths. In this wedding groom himself stood up, started to cry, and announced that he had fallen out of love wit...
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​He broke up with her because she didn't like coffee as much as he did


Not all relationships last. Sometimes one cheats another or people grow apart. But some people dump their lovers for far more trivial stuff. This guy broke up with his girlfriend because she didn't like coffee as much as he did, she didn't want to hang out with his ex, and she didn't like rap. According to the guy, these were the things that made t...
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​The worst way to break up


Thought that breaking up over tex message is bad? Think again. Before mobile phones, you had two options: to say it to her face or to call her home phone. This 14-year-old boy left a message on his girlfriend's home answering machine. He was well aware that it would have been her parents that listened to the message. Source: Reddit

​She dumped him over a tv show


The 90s was a strange decade. You had to know the tv program to watch your shows. This girl loved to watch "Friends" no matter what. Unfortunately, her boyfriend was not the biggest fan of "Friends" and kept calling her during the show. Eventually, the girl had to break up with him. If she had missed the show, she would have had to wait until ...
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