Will cat Larry decide on new British Prime Minister?

​Theresa May resigned but her successor is still undecided. It's difficult to predict the outcome, and some experts close to Cabinet told Catchupnews ...
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Trump baby balloon to become art piece at museum

​Trump's state and all-inclusive family visit to Britain is taking a rather unexpected turn. The Museum of London just announced its plans to make an ...
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Shopping at Harrods could give you away

​The first dirty money investigation conducted in Britain now got even further into habits of the suspect Zamira Hajiyeva. According to the receipts f...
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Trump will visit Britain with all of his kids

​American president Donald Trump will make a state visit to the UK next month, and he plans to take all of his children with him. Catchupnews was told...
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Theresa May resigns

​English Prime Minister Theresa May declared her resignation from the position during a brief and teary speech in front of her Browning Street lodging...
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Baby storks in UK after centuries long wait

​Some things are just worth waiting for. After months of prolongated separation process between Britain and the European Union, with all the affairs a...
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Police bans McDonald's milkshake in Edinburgh

​Police banned local McDonald's outlets to serve milkshake or ice-cream during Nigel Farage's campaign rally in Edinburgh, fearing that full cups coul...
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Brexit drained Britons but they can always sip Brexit energy drink

​Two Polish guys got a simple yet efficient idea on how to cash in on the ongoing Brexit drama - by launching an energy drink called Brexit. The name ...
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USA warns UK about Huawei

​ US officials warned their UK colleagues about the dangers connected with using Huawei 5G technology in their network systems, Catchupnews was inform...
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Mrs May questioned about her European liaisons

Theresa May, British Prime Minister, was once again questioned about her affairs across La Manche, this time by MPs on the Liaison Committee. The MPs ...
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