Theresa May resigns

​English Prime Minister Theresa May declared her resignation from the position during a brief and teary speech in front of her Browning Street lodging...
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Jamie Oliver declares bankruptcy

​The famous Naked Chef Jamie Oliver has been stripped of some of his property and was obliged to declare bankruptcy, Catchupnews learns from well-info...
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Baby storks in UK after centuries long wait

​Some things are just worth waiting for. After months of prolongated separation process between Britain and the European Union, with all the affairs a...
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Brexit drained Britons but they can always sip Brexit energy drink

​Two Polish guys got a simple yet efficient idea on how to cash in on the ongoing Brexit drama - by launching an energy drink called Brexit. The name ...
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David Beckham gets six-month driving ban

​David Beckham, a current Victoria's husband, and a former football player, just got a six-month driving ban for using a phone while steering the whee...
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Shrimp substance abuse plummeting

​An Environment International study discovered some quite unexpected facts about water inhabitants, especially shrimps. The study states that shrimps ...
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Mrs May questioned about her European liaisons

Theresa May, British Prime Minister, was once again questioned about her affairs across La Manche, this time by MPs on the Liaison Committee. The MPs ...
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French president Macron tried to put veto on Brexit delay

The last meeting in Brussels could have gone awry for Brits - French president Emmanuel Macron threatened to put a veto on the Brexit delay. Catchupne...
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Queen returns to horse riding

​Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II was recently spotted riding her beloved Fell pony in Windsor. The Queen returned to her favourite activity after a ser...
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Pamela Anderson's bravery goes beyond lifeguarding

​She saved a thousand lives as a lifeguard during her Baywatch days, and still continues to showcase bravery. Unlike many other prominent figures who ...
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