Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Trump takes advice from Rihanna

​Donald Trump was apparently so moved by a Twitter post about Rihanna that he actually liked it – even before Catchupnews did. It's the first post he ever liked, and the exceptional occurrence is even more amplified by the fact that the post he liked is Rihanna's quote about making time for yourself and taking care of your mental health, for the sa...
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Trending: digital rejuvenating

​There's a new anti-ageing trend in Hollywood, and it's more popular than Botox and silicon together – it's called digital rejuvenating and it works only for on-screen stars. The point is to digitally transform actors into their younger selves, and achieve de-ageing without any needles, pins, or fat injecting, Catchupnews learns. Will Smith was all...
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Taylor Swift converting to dark side?

Disturbing photos of Taylor Swift and Marilyn Manson posing together have emerged. The photos were taken at an LA-based music event, and made people wonder if the favourite American sweetheart was being subjected to the dark side of the Force, and whether she's strong enough to resist it. Catchupnews hopes the light will prevail in Taylor.

Senior citizen performance quota fulfilled at Eurovision 2019

​As part of a new equality agenda practised during the show, Eurovision 2019 competition showed an enviable dedication towards senior citizens and their rights to work, act, and perform as if they were at their peak age, Catchupnews confirms. Legendary Madonna, for instance, got yet another 15 minutes of fame at the final Eurovision night, for a su...
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Celeb couple's fake marriage can't be annulled before they're officially married

​ Socialite and heiress Andi Potamkin got married to her fiancé William Jordan Blackmore at a dessert wedding ceremony in Utah, having a yoga instructor posing as a wedding officiant. However, the couple has recently split, and it turned out that their wedding wasn't officially authorized, to the groom's surprise. In order to get a divorce, they wi...
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David Beckham gets six-month driving ban

​David Beckham, a current Victoria's husband, and a former football player, just got a six-month driving ban for using a phone while steering the wheel. The impossibility of the task was enhanced by the fact that his wife was on the phone, Catchupnews reveals. Beckham already had six points on his driving licence, but evidently thought it was a tok...
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Star showcasing beach body

​A rising star was spotted on a beach in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, boldly showcasing its beach body on dusty sand, sprawling its lean limbs, and waving its head in the camera direction. Well, one of its heads, Catchupnews notices. It was a sea star, to be more precise, but no less incredible than any other celebrity image we've been constant...
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New Kardashian baby arriving

​Since the news broke about a new member of the Kardashian clan, the world is sitting tight and waiting for the outcome. Kim, the mother of three, allegedly rushed to the hospital to witness the labour, and the rest of the family was announcing the event at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Here at Catchupnews, we're a bit confused whether the announcement...
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Even Madonna thinks of taking phones away from her children

​In a recent Vogue interview, Madonna stated that she regrets giving mobile phones to her children at an early age. The queen of pop said that phones significantly diminished their relationship because kids became absorbed in the vast world of imagery and fake idols, and it's a place where a young being can't really grow. And when the queen of imag...
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Importance of Met Gala

The previous days were packed with stirring news and events – the birth of yet another royal, Trump's impenetrable speech, and of course, the Met Gala. It was one occasion more for celebrities and their striving companions to dress in silly clothes and act as if they were not of this world. The importance the Met Gala holds for the majority of ordi...
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