Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Kim Kardashian just had CBD themed baby shower


​In order to avoid any stress while expecting a new baby to arrive, every new mom should follow the steps of Kim Kardashian West - she just gave a cannabidiol themed party with a CBD infused chocolate fountain, and many other CBD tricks and treats. That way, the guests can chill, and so can moms, especially if they're prosperous enough to appoint a...
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Celebrity Easter rites - giant nude rabbit adoration


​Following the festive Easter weekend, Catchupenews can't help but draw a conclusion from celebrities' behaviour. The greatest Christian holiday is nowadays, at least in the virtual celeb realm, transformed into a giant, fertile white rabbit adoration, as well as impersonation and invocation of the mentioned animal, in order for it to lay an extrav...
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Madonna to release new album

​Madonna is about to release a new album, and as foreplay, she dropped a catchy single called Medellin, in collaboration with Colombian artist Maluma. Here are some interesting facts about the upcoming album, according to Catchupnews: -It's Madonna's 14th album for now -It took her more than 4 years to complete it -It also took 200ml of Botox to pr...
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Beckhams celebrating 20 years of coexistence

​ The Beckham family enterprise emerged in 1999 and has been striking to prosperous stardom ever since, according to Catchupnews. The joint economy household is a well-known brand that can sell almost anything that could be sold – cars, booze, washing machines, pants and shirts, papers and magazines, screwdrivers, buttons, parrots, tires, flashligh...
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When you take your sleeping pill with coffee.

When you take your sleeping pill with coffee.
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