Friday, 22 November 2019

​Lottery millionaire is much happier as a working mum of three


Callie Rogers was 16 when she won £1.8million in 2003. So what a girl aged 16 would do with that amount of money? £18,000 went for new boobs, £250,000 for having fun with cocaine and massive £300 000 went for shopping. She was even generous enough to share her money with friends and family who got half a million. Sounds like a dream, right? In real...
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​Fan blew the cocaine into his face


We all have done embarrassing things or things we wish we wouldn't have done, but it's not the smartest idea to lie to your doctor since he will probably find it out anyway. This patient went to a doctor complaining of chest pains. He was afraid he had a heart attack, but the doctor ran tests and told to the patient that it was probably a result of...
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Just say you had to pee, no need to mention the cocaine


A policeman saw a guy at 2 am behind a pub standing up against the wall, his hands down near his crotch, which looked like he was going to urinate. Policeman yelled: "Hey mate, what's doing over there?" The guy turned around, rose his hands and admitted that he had cocaine on him. Source: Reddit

When artists are so addicted that they have to do coke on the stage


Life of rockstars has always been pretty wild: endless touring, recording, drinking and drugging. But in the 1970s it was apparently even crazier. The band Chicago loved cocaine so much that during a tour they put a fake phone booth on stage called the "Snortitorium" so they could do lines mid-concert without going backstage. Source: Decider

Life of a dean: cocaine and sex slave


Sometimes life can be crazier than TV. A dean of the university was forced to leave because he blew almost all the school budget for fancy dinners with donors, showed up in official university events high on cocaine and kept an assistant as a sex slave. He sent the school to a major budget crisis and the PR disaster was waiting to happen. Sour...
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