Cocaine and hookers after this match - Tyson fury


​Lottery millionaire is much happier as a working mum of three
Callie Rogers was 16 when she won £1.8million in 2003. So what a girl aged 16 would do with that amount of money? £18,000 went for new boobs, £250,000...
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​Fan blew the cocaine into his face

We all have done embarrassing things or things we wish we wouldn't have done, but it's not the smartest idea to lie to your doctor since he will proba...
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Just say you had to pee, no need to mention the cocaine

A policeman saw a guy at 2 am behind a pub standing up against the wall, his hands down near his crotch, which looked like he was going to urinate. Po...
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When artists are so addicted that they have to do coke on the stage

Life of rockstars has always been pretty wild: endless touring, recording, drinking and drugging. But in the 1970s it was apparently even crazier...
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Life of a dean: cocaine and sex slave

Sometimes life can be crazier than TV. A dean of the university was forced to leave because he blew almost all the school budget for fancy dinners wit...
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Did you lose your cocaine at a convenience store? Police seek to help you

 Catch Up News learns today that the long arm of the law can also be... dumb. Because after discovering some mistakenly dropped cocaine at a Super Dol...
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