Monday, 20 January 2020

Politicians can't be trusted.

Politicians can't be trusted.

The last wish.

The last wish.

Woman crashed her car because of a spider


We all know how funny can spider-haters be. They climb on a table, scream or run around helplessly. It's way less funny when your driver is arachnophobic. This woman noticing a spider on the front seat of her car panicked and crashed. As a result, she suffered a leg injury and totalled her vehicle. Source: BuzzFeed

Another car crash caused by royals

​A woman from Birmingham, at the wheels of a Peugeot 107, is yet another victim of royal family traffic participants, following the recent incident in which Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh pushed a Kia vehicle off the road. An underground theory reached the ears of Catchupnews staff, revealing that the continual driving incidents are no accid...
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Unbelievable coincidence!

Unbelievable coincidence!
Wait a minute, while we are rendering the calendar

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