You've got a criminal mind if you think there's something wrong

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Shopping at Harrods could give you away

​The first dirty money investigation conducted in Britain now got even further into habits of the suspect Zamira Hajiyeva. According to the receipts from Harrods, Hajiyeva had an expensive shopping pattern, and managed to spend an incredible sum of £16,309,077.87 between 2006 and 2016. She even picked her fruits and veggies at Harrods, but what the...
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Somaliland safer than Islington

​Two in five Somali families living in London are now sending their children back to their homeland because of the knife crime epidemic spreading throughout London town, Catchupnews was informed. Who would have known that even war, famine and terrorism stricken East Africa is now a safer place for teenagers than London districts.

Judge : Why did police arrest you?

Judge : Why did police arrest you?

What happens when half tonne of cocaine gets washed ashore

​Almost twenty years ago, residents of a small island in the Atlantic got a strange catch that will change their lives for good. The packages of cocaine, previously hidden in rocky inlets by an internationally acclaimed drug smuggler, were washed ashore. The residents told Catchupnews that they couldn't even guess what it was – housewives used it f...
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Weird world.

Weird world.

Gang membership can increase your social and cultural integration, British court claims

​A Turkish citizen, accused of multiple offences, was once pardoned from deportation by the court ruling that claimed he was fully integrated in British society by being a notorious gang member. Catchupnews wanders if this could be a new therapy for other socially and culturally unfit individuals as well.
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