Tuesday, 21 January 2020

David Beckham gets six-month driving ban

​David Beckham, a current Victoria's husband, and a former football player, just got a six-month driving ban for using a phone while steering the wheel. The impossibility of the task was enhanced by the fact that his wife was on the phone, Catchupnews reveals. Beckham already had six points on his driving licence, but evidently thought it was a tok...
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​How to lose your driving licence


He and his girlfriend had both done MDMA and were driving. Police stopped them for regular check. Everything went well, and the police were walking away when the girlfriend shouted: "Holy shit, what luck!" What she didn't know was that the car window was still rolled down and the police officer had heard her. Both got checked, and the boyfriend los...
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​Japan gives old people noodles in exchange for their drivers' license


It's difficult to convince older people not to drive anymore. While most of them are still good drivers, some old people mix up the gas and brake pedal or develop dementia that can be dangerous for themselves as well as for others. Japan found a clever solution to the problem. In exchange for drivers license, old people can get the discount card at...
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