Mam do you mind stepping out of the car, we're looking for drugs...

Mam do you mind stepping out of the car, we're looking for drugs...

Tell me Mary! Do you use drugs?

Tell me Mary! Do you use drugs?

What happens when half tonne of cocaine gets washed ashore

​Almost twenty years ago, residents of a small island in the Atlantic got a strange catch that will change their lives for good. The packages of cocaine, previously hidden in rocky inlets by an internationally acclaimed drug smuggler, were washed ashore. The residents told Catchupnews that they couldn't even guess what it was – housewives used it f...
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Quick cocaine delivery app

​Technological improvements and bold inventions keep appearing on a daily basis, but who could have guessed that even drug dealers are interested in programming languages and codes. According to Interpol, there's an app that enables faithful users in Europe to order cocaine and get it on their doorway quicker than pizza. Science and knowledge pay o...
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Denver is legalizing use of magic mushrooms

​ The city of Denver, USA will become the first city to legalize the so-called magic mushrooms for personal use. As Catchupnews reveals, the mushrooms will be allowed for rites of passage, healing, treating anxiety and nausea, for deepening spiritual insight, strengthening community bonds, supporting tourism, and for improving deep-diving personal ...
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Increased demand for fentanyl could swipe impoverished farmers in Mexico

​Mexican farmers are facing yet another crisis. The US market is switching its preferences to fentanyl, a synthetic drug produced in China, threatening to further impoverish already impoverished farmers whose main source of income is – opium poppy fields. The farmers, who gave up growing corn and coffee once the drug production became popular in Me...
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Shrimp substance abuse plummeting

​An Environment International study discovered some quite unexpected facts about water inhabitants, especially shrimps. The study states that shrimps are prone to substance abuse, cocaine being their favourite, but ketamine, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals are also popular, Catchupnews learns. The use of recreational drugs was a surprising fact to ...
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Sackler family, famous philanthropists, will help those affected by OxyContin addiction

​The story of OxyContin, a pain killer drug that created millions of addicts, could get a happy ending. The Sackler family who is behind the firm that introduced the drug, is also famous for great philanthropic deeds, especially in the field of art, and will most likely help those affected by addiction, perhaps by issuing them free passes to museum...
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American DEA offers marijuana-burning gig to Arizona contractors

The US Drug Enforcement Administration is searching for an accurate contractor to burn a tone of marijuana, approximately 1,000 pounds per hour, or about 896,000 half-gram joints. The confiscated marijuana should be burnt behind tall walls, so no onlookers could see, smell, or inhale the smoke of incarcerated supplies. The temperature should reach ...
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​Selling drugs to your math professor

Life can get weird sometimes. A student's roommate was doing drugs. That was somewhat common knowledge. Once their math professor came to talk to them. The roommate was terrified, but all the math professor wanted was some drugs. He ended up being the roommate's best customer for the next two years.Source: Reddit
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